Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 bucket list

I've been meaning to post this for a while (by a while I mean 3 weeks) and well, basically, it's what it says on the tin. Rather than making resolutions like 'going to the gym' or 'eating 5 portions of fruit every day' which I'll tell myself I'll have to stick too and undoubtedly fail at that after at least a week (definitely by now), I've decided to do a bucket list. A list of things I want to achieve and accomplis throughout the year. 

I'm going to plan on looking back after a year and see what I've actually achieved.

Drastic hair change

Loose weight/ be happy with my body

- Go to Amsterdam

- Go to LA

Go on a spontaneous road trip

Compliment strangers

Get a part time job 

- Go to a festival

- Read more books

- Sell my old shit on eBay

- Attempt to learn to cook 

- Be more adventurous with outfits and clothes

Learn a new language

- Learn to draw/sketch and draw/sketch more

Take lots more photos of everyday life

Try new hobbies

- Do a internship in the Summer

- Remember to no give a shit what people think

- Meet new people, make new friends

So there we have it. Kinda cliche. Kinda cringe. But what can we do?
Apologies for this being posted slightly late, well in fact 3 weeks late.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 16 December 2013


I'm not even going to justify my blogging absence - I've just been pure lazy and neglectful (sorry blog). BUT, recently, I have really wanted to take blogging a lot more seriously and get my blogging head back on track. So I'm here, today, with my christmas wish list.

These are just a few ideas I've given my family of what would go down a treat with me for christmas. As well as a few ideas for anyone else who's wondering what to ask - even though I'm sure everyone is a lot more organised than me and has gifts already bought, wrapped and under the tree.

Here goes..

1. Vogue subscription - £19.99
Spending £4 every month doesn't exactly break my bank (although being a student it could do me a fair few meals but fashion over food, right?) but I would love to have the next few months sorted Vogue-wise. I also think it's a pretty good gift as it's a gift which keeps on giving. 

2. Elle suscription - £9.99
Likewise to Vogue - one of my monthly bibles being delivered every month is never a bad thing.

Do I even need to explain? This needs to enter my life pronto

The Real Techniques face set is literally gods gift and are pretty much the only brushes I use. Being reasonably inexperienced to the whole eye-shadow life, I think these would go down a treat with my eyes.

5. Nutella recipe book - £3.65
I am a student with a cupboard full of Nutella. I think this little number would make my life right now.

The world according to the ever so opinionated King of fashion? Can't be bad

I should be a lot more ashamed than I am with the fact this is on here, but it is. I didn't get to see it when it was at the cinema and again I should be ashamed to admit that I was slightly upset at this. I just need a little bit of Harry Styles in my life. (who doesn't?)

Thanks for reading, let me know whats on your wish list!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Catch up time!

Life these past few months has been busy. Really busy. I only have that to blame for my complete absent-ness.

So basically, not only did my summer include turning 18 (after waiting all year) (which included having a few bevvies here and there) (basically I went out a lot) and going away three times (posts to follow) I also discovered I got into uni! I'm now officially a London College of Fashion student and so as you can imagine, that is where my recent time has gone to.

So, I've now been living in London for a month and let me just say what a month! I literally am so in love with London. Having Camden a few tube lines away makes it a great night out. Having Westfield a few stops up makes my "student budget" way of living a little bit of a lie (god bless my student loan) (clothes over food) (sorry mum!) and having a student pass to THE London College of Fashion makes me feel pretty damn cool.

So please forgive my total lack of blogging and let me say this is my pledge to get back into the wonderful blogging lifestyle which I have missed!

Look out for a cheeky post featuring my trip to NY and my belated fashion week posts!

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you've been up to :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

HAUL // Holiday clothes

Long time no blog, once again! And once again I apologise! I've just got back from holiday and was planning to get a few haul posts up before but things got a tad hectic and yeah, I never got round to it (such a bad blogger)

BUT I now have the post that was supposed to go up 2 weeks ago and have another more exciting post planned so this is my pledge that I won't abandon blogging again!

So yeah, anyway I went away with my friendlingtons to Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife. Had a fab time, but here is a haul of a few bits I got for it...

LEFT - George at ASDA (Don't judge) // Top £8 Bottoms £4
RIGHT - Topshop // Top £15 Bottoms £10

LEFT - Primark £8
MIDDLE - Matalan £6
RIGHT - Matalan £12

Brown 'western' bag - Primark £8
Neon satchel - Topshop £28
Straw beach bag - Primark £8
Small black bag - H&M £8

TOP - Sandals // Primark £12
BOTTOM - Wedges // £20

Nude dress // Miss Guided £12.99
Necklace // Topshop £15

Skater Dress // American Apparel (via ASOS) £38

Maxi dress // Primark £12

Trousers // New Look £22.99
Sheer vest // Primark £5

Midi // Matalan £10
Crop // ASOS £12

Crop // ASOS £16

Apologies for the pics - you probably can't even tell what they look like!
But yeah this is a few bits I picked up!

Thanks for reading