Monday, 18 February 2013

LFW AW13 // Topshop Unique

So I originally planned to do just one post on my overall favourites of LFW when it finishes, on the 19th (like I did here with NYFW) BUTTTT I feel a lot more "involved" then I did with NYFW (involved meaning sitting at my laptop watching certain shows live then reading Vouge's reports on them) (So not exactly invovled). So I thought I shall do whole posts on my favourite shows - starting with Topshop Unique as I fell in love with it and is one of my favourites (so far)

So anyway just to point out first, their whole idea of the "model cam" where a few of the models had camera's attached to their bags is insane, along with the closing part with the shots of the outfits shown along the walls - crazy! So innovative!

But anyway in general I got a 90s feel from the outfits and as Vogue put it "they bought in bang up to date" with the digitalized prints.
I love the colours involved as well as the mix of textures and love the whole pantent leather becoming a trend.

These are my favourites: (it was hard to even pick these I loved them all)

As much as I love them both - what shows aren't they in? Especially Cara!

I love the cropped-ness as well as almost quilted style on the Jourdan's jumper (right)

I'm not normally a fan of black and red together (apart from on Loubs) but this really works, also love the oversized feel to both the jackets/ coats.

 Again loved the oversized feel and the high neck lines

Love these colours, and the silk detailing. And again, the oversized feel.

So there we have it, Topshop Unique
(Since i'll be a student then I wonder how far my loan will stretch? far enough to treat myself with some of these beautys? maybe)

WATCH Topshop Unique AW here
READ Vogue's report here
WATCH Cara Jourdan and Rosie do the Harlem Shake backstage here (why not)

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  1. it's the best harlem shake i've seen! i love your blog and will be following! xxx

    1. haha yes I agree!
      Thank you very much, I'll check out yours too :)