Monday, 25 February 2013

Review // Origins Super Spot Remover

Ok so, I really wanted to get a review up as I've never done one before and as I said previously, I want to in-corporate more "beauty" into my blog.

I know there is a gazillion reviews of this already, so sorry if this is boring BUT I am yet to find someone who feels the same way as I do.

I hate for my first review to be a negative one, but almost all of the reviews I've read have been really positive, which was why I wanted to try it in the first place but I just don't see the "hype" of it if I'm honest.

 From John Lewis - £13

Just to point out before I start rambling on - This is just my opinion. I understand that everyone has different skin and it will work completely different on different skin types but this is just my personal opinion and how it worked for me, for you it could work great.

So I bought this a couple of months ago, at the start of January. As I said I've heard so much about it so thought it would be great. My skin has been pretty bad recently and nothing seems to be working so I thought I'd branch a bit more into slightly "higher end" products, in the hope they would be slightly better.

The packaging states to "apply a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily or as needed". I started off with applying it around 2x a day and didn't notice any difference. So I then applied it slightly more, with applying it around 3x every couple of days. Again nothing. So after a couple of weeks of continually doing this, as I thought maybe it needs a couple of weeks for my skin to get used to it and start working/ activating etc. I got a bit bored of putting so much on for it to not do anything, so slowed down the applications to at least once a day.

As you can see I've used about half which is quite a lot for the amount of time, and I'm still using it now just to "give it time" but I really just can't tell any difference, it just doesn't really do anything for me.

After I've dabbed it on my face, the liquid just dries on my skin and leaves a layer of it just sitting there. It sometimes stings a bit once applied which I don't mind as I feel it maybe could be working but I just don't notice a difference. It doesn't "heal" (right word?) the spot(s) any quicker, make a difference in terms of scarring, not even really dries the spot out!

Another disadvantage is the smell, I can't even describe it it just doesn't smell very pleasant (not that this mattered if it worked but you know).

I mean it could just be me, not using it right, using too much/ too little etc. I'm defiantly not expecting it to give me amazingly clear skin or anything but if anyone has any tips or whatever or let me know if i'm doing anything wrong I'd be grateful!

Thanks for reading, hope this wasn't too long and/or boring

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