Monday, 20 May 2013

TAG // 20 Things About Me!

Okay so again I apologise for lack of posts BUT please bare with - I can only blame A - Levels taking over my whole entire life BUT I now only have 4 actual days left of school and 2 exams (both of which are on the same day because life hates me) soo after the 4th june I'm free to do anything I wish with my days until uni.

So for now, I'm just going to bore supply (wrong word? yes) you with a tag.

Being the slightly nosey person I am, I love watching the '50 facts' tags on YT but thought that might make a hefty post so I'll start with 20. Maybe one day I'll do a part 2 but this'll do for now..

1. My middle name is Louise (boring and unoriginal) (thanks mum and dad) (doesn't half of British teenage girls have that as their middle name)

2. I used to be a ridiculously fussy eater. When I was really young, when I ate the little tubs of baby food, my mum had to MIX my dinner and desert pot together to make me eat them. (Little bit disgusted at myself)

3. I didn't break a bone until I was 16, where I then broke my foot (wanna know the story? I was dancing in my kitchen to MJ. Yep. That happened. One to tell the grandkids)

4. Relating to that, I also didn't realise I had broke it, so was walking around on it for 10 days. It was 2x the size and covered in bruises but I was sure I hadn't broke it. Apparently I was wrong.

5. I did a french exchange when I was 12, where I stayed at someones house I've never met before for a week when I could barely even speak French.

6. I've been fortunate to have been abroad quite a lot, thanks to my mums lurrve of travelling (which has been passed on to me - thanks mum). The most exotic places I've been to is Brazil and Hawaii.

7. I genuinely check Topshop's New In section every day. (I can't be the only one, right?)

8. When I was 2/3, my mum would get me dressed and ready for the day (as a mum would), and within half an hour I had gone upstairs and got my self changed. Love of fashion starting from an early age?

9. I either have a really good sense of direction, or a really bad where I have no clue where I am at all.

10. I try to be tidy and like to tell myself I am but I'm kind of... not...

11. I HATE hate speaking on the phone. To anyone.

12. I love planning stuff

13. Without going into too much detail, as there is a LOT more to it than this, but I used to worry so so so much about what people thought of me. Anyone that walked past I geninely thought they were thinking about how bad I look etcetc. It's got a lot better recently and as I say, there was a lot more to it than just that but yeah. I'm glad I have more confidence now.

14. Today, randomly, I wore triple denim. Yes, yes I did. And to be honest, I think I werk'd it.

15. I LOVE travelling. There are sooo many places to go and things to see.

16. Without sounding materialistic (this is going to sound materialistic) but I need to be rich when I'm older. I'm determined. I have expensive tastes.

17. Very cliche, and not very "media student" like (I currently study media), but I'm a big lover of romcoms. I do the whole cyring, wishing the happy ending would happen to me, get too attached to characters etcetcetc (Justin Timberlake in Friends With Benefits = please. be. mine. now.)

18. I have no shame in admitting that I'm a slight big One Direction (well mainly Harry Styles) and Justin Bieber fangurl. Loud n proud.

19. I really can't wait to live on my own and get to uni! I consider myself as quite adventurous and independent.

20. I'm deffo a City gurl rather than country. As soon as I get to London for uni, I never want to go back to living in the countryside (well until I'm 80 maybe). I love New York and Paris and just the whole city vibe.

Sooooo yeah, there we go!
If you've done a vid/post, link it below to fufil my nosey needs!

Thanks for reading


  1. Haha now that is an interesting way to break a bone! I ended up in A&E for five hours after sewing all the way through my finger though - so i can't really talk! I'm glad i'm not the only one who religiously checks Topshop. Although i just spend most of the time sobbing over how expensive it is..

    1. Haha! oh god sounds painful!
      Yeah me too! It's like I have to do a daily check in order to survive the day haha!


  2. I love your blog, definitely following now!