Sunday, 21 August 2011


sorry that this is the second post in like an hour but i thought instead of like taking pictures and faffing around and what not of what i bought i will just show you by linking them as i have infact just found out how to do it. (thats if i find all the links which i probably won't)
so here goes.
firstly i bought these jeans. i got them in both the two colours, 'camel' and 'dark red'. firstly, i needed some more trouses/bottoms/ whatever as when i start sixth form obviously i'd need to find something to wear everyday and i have a gazillion tops but not a lot to wear on the bottom, also i like these coloured jeans and they can go with lots and stuff so put the two together and voila. i thought the price was pretty good too compared to if i was to get them from somewhere like Topshop and they'd be £35/£40. they are quite thin material though but not stupidly think but i don't know anyway so yeah thats them.

i also bought these boots in Mocha, which i liked at first but not sure about them so they may be taken back. and thats all i have to say about them.

and also from New Look, i got this dress but i got it in plain white, not any of them colours. and the only reason i got it was because i just saw it in the sale for, wait for it...... £4!!!!!!!! which i thought was a bargain!! although, it didn't have the plaited belt with it, which may be the reason it was cheap. i knew there was supposed to be the belt with it when i got it as i've seen them before but i still thought it looked ok without one so why not. i might customize it though cos unless you have the elasticated bit in the middle reaaaaally high so the top bit's baggy, it is really quite long and i personally didn't think it looked right. but oh well, if not it's good just to chuck on over a bikini on holiday so yeah.

lastly, i can't find the link (damnit) but i went into Claries which i don 't normally do, but they actually have some nice jewelry but anyway, went there and got some like rusty gold flower/rose quite big studs which go with everything, they were like £4 something? which were nice so yep.
i also saw some well cool belly bars in there but i can't put them in yet :( i was so tempted to buy them but knowing me i'll lose them by the time i'm allowed to change it.

so that will be all goodbye.

p.s sorry if this is boring and shit and you're reading though this like wtf? i don't really know what to say, so i'm basically just saying what i'd say if this was a vlog, but i'm too scared to do them lol so this will do. please comment or something if you think this is stupid and i shouldn't do anything like this again. i'm obviously not trying to 'show off' the things i got or anything, this is just like a haul, and just having a general natter on stuff really.. i know it's not really the same as a vlog but oh well. also, instead of these i might just do like 'ootds' or like a 'lookbook' or something so instead of telling you what i got, i'll take a picture of what i'm wearing it with so it's more interesting? and then put the links to them if i can find them? i don't know. maybe. maybe not. anyway, if you've bothered to read this far, firslty: thankyou, secondly: you must have a low boredom threshold (if that even makes sense) and thirdly: please comment your opinions on this.
bye again.

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