Sunday, 21 August 2011


sooooooooooooooo i got home yesterday, but didn't have time to write a blog cos i was too busy getting drunk going to a sophisticated party and such things like that, so you're all (all 2 of you followers who probably aren't going to read this anyway) getting the pleasure of a post today WOO GET IN. anyways, just thought i'd update to say that i'm back. i bought a few things whilst i was away, which i may do a post on but may not cos it's only a dress, two pairs of jeans, a pair of boots and some earrings which isn't exactly the most interesting thing ever so i don't know we'll see. so this post again is pretty pointless, but i didn't want you to think i've forgot about blogging. (sorry, i know you were probably hoping i had lol)
anyway, so that will be all for now.
p.s i really can't be bothered with my grammar today so excuse the un-capitalized i's and other mistakes
oh well.
P.P.S i need ideas of what to blog on. (que people to comment about some subjects or something to blog about)

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