Monday, 4 June 2012


So I'm going to start this with the dreaded sentence that I'm sure I have said on every post I've done, sorry for totally neglecting my blog. It's shamful, I know. But, I promise I'm going to try my hardest to get into blogging. I've got the summer hols soon so hopefully a lot more time to spend on here!

 I'm planning on doing a range of posts, like reviews, hauls, 'my week in pictures', updates, OOTD's etcetcetc. so, I'm going to start with a Summer Plans post; what I'm hoping to do/ get done/ etc. in the summer.


- DIY'ing, I love the idea of adding your own ideas to clothes to make them that bit different and what not. Going to get myself some studs and dyes etc. I'll keep you posted.

 - Sorting out my rooms, speaks for itself really, my room at my dads needs decorating and stuff, and at my mums I just need to sort everything out, maybe have a rearrange etc.

 - Get more into books and reading, I have a list of fashion books/ auto biographies etc I'd love to read (one of them being Coco Chanels autobiography). I'd love to widen my knowledge on fashion and it's history, meanings etc etc

 - Sort out my blog!, not only do I need to start blogging more but I need to sort out the designs, maybe advertise it more etc etc

That's all I can think of for now, I may do a part 2 if I can think of any more. I may also do a post in September time of wether I've achieved these plans and stuff so yeah! see you soon x

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