Sunday, 8 July 2012

Week in pictures - 3

I apologize for my serious lack of blogging. I didn't even put one of these up last week, I've just  been so busy with coursework and work and the usual! I have got a few ideas of posts which I'm hoping(!!!) to get up this week, but for now I'll leave you with a week in pictures post. (sorry)
This is in fact 2 weeks worth, as it's from the week before too but it means there's more photo's as I'm failing at regularly insatgramming recently...
okie doke, here goes:


An OOTD featuring my army jacket (my new love)
Beanie - Primark
Jacket - UO
Polo shirt - Hollister
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Zara
Shoes (unseen) - Topshop (vectras)

My new phone case! Kind of jumped on the bandwagon, but I just think these are so cool!

MAC delivery! - took advantage of the free shipping on all orders and got the brush cleanser, been meaning to get it for a while but I typically live no-where near anywhere that sells MAC. Also picked up the 30ml Fix+ to try.

Yes, I listened to Hannah Montana and instagrammed the occasion. (I think I'm actually also ready to admit that this is one of my 25 most played songs on iTunes) (Yes, judge me)

New nail varnish! Indian Ocean- Models Own. I love it so much, so pretty!
I actually got this in Republic (since when did they sell nail varnishes?) when I went shopping the other day.

As you will have probably guessed, these 4 are a collection of photos from Wireless! I was planning on taking an OOTD pic but never got round to it sorry :(
BUT - I am planning on putting up a post with the title something along the lines of 'festival fashion' which will kind of be what the title says. Funnily enough.

Poncho at the ready - was definitely needed! // Just a random snap of the stage // That is actually a picture of me in my poncho // DRIZZY owning the stage, I love him so much

So yes, this is a few recent cheeky snaps from my instagram (@shutupzo). I didn't include them all as a few of them aren't of any relevance what so ever. (Yes even more un-interesting as these). 

Hope you enjoyed 

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