Saturday, 2 February 2013

SS13 // my high street picks PART 1

Once again, I'm going to have to apologize for the lack of posts, and my only excuse is a-levels, sorry.

But anyway, I've just got a post here on a few favourites of mine in the high street at the momentiniooo (moment). I love that SS stuff is creeping into stores as we speak (well possibly not), but yeah I love seeing how high street take on trends and what not, and thought I'd show ou a few of my faves.

Also, as you can probably tell this is part one, this is just to it's not such a big post. I'll try put up another part in the week with my picks from other high street stores.

I'll just point out, some of what I've found are possibly more directed to spring, or now(ish) rather than summer, but with Englands temperamental/ interchangeable weather layers can be added, or whatever but yeah.

1. Long sleeve flippy dress (by Boutique)
I love the colour and flow of this, and fits in nicely with the fusicha colour trend which seemed big on the catwalk for SS.

2. Boucle sweater dress
I saw this recently in store and I loved it, I don't think the picture does it enough justice. I know last year the whole "snippets of neon" was pretty big, but I think it's going to carry on for this year. I've recently just loved the whole neon yellow colour, and think it's great with simple monochromatic outfits, or in the case paired with monochrome accessories.

3. Moto beach MOM jeans
I wanted some of this baggy style last year, but never ended up getting some. I think this style is going to be even bigger this year, so I defiantly want to pick some up.

4. Adonis 2 Suede cut out boots
I love the cut out boot style, in particular the Adonis collection at TS. Maybe I should save up and get some..........

(unintentional theme going on here!!)
(maybe slightly intentional)
(monochrome mad)

1. Jayda tailored dungaree
Very similar to the ones from Topshop which I also love, but cheaper and possibly more readily available (didn't the TS ones sell out very quick?)
£33.99 click here

2. Dilara leather sleeve midi dress
I love midi dresse and the leather/ faux leather sleeves give this a nice touch. Cheap too!
£16.99 click here

3. Kaoli monochrome jumpsuit
Looks classy and sophisticated.
£25.99 click here

So i'll leave it there for this part, but am planning to do a few more of these for different shops.
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  1. Love your missguided picks, great choices :) xx

    1. Thank you! thanks for your comment too! :)

  2. Love the misguided clothes :)