Monday, 18 March 2013

SS13 trends // Dungarees

- Sorry for posts being a bit "sparse" (wrong word? probably) but I can only blame a-levels!!! I'm trying to get up a least a post a week but bare with me -

So anyways, as I'm sure you fashion followers are aware, dungaree's are coming back this summer. The high street is flooded with loads of styles of the badboys, from casual to smart, to shorts to skirts to trousers. This trend is very much influenced from shows (as seen here):

I am in love with this trend. I love how versatile they are and all the different styles there are of them, so I thought I'd show you a few of my faves from the high street:
Starting more casually with denim, (L-R)..

"ASOS Bib Short Dungaree" - ASOS - £38 
I like the pocket detailing on here, it gives it quite a vintage/old feel. 

"The WhitePepper Denim Dungarees in Blue Wash" - ASOS - £65
I don't think personally I'm quite brave enough to pull of the long denim dunga's, but I love how these look on here, and how they've styled them. 

"MOTO Denim Playsuit" - Topshop - £48
Quite pricy for what they are, but think these would look cute with a crisp white shirt and sandals!

"MOTO Denim Jumpsuit" - Topshop - £65
Again, quite pricy and probably not considered "dungarees" as such, but I still like these. Again, I'd put them with a crisp white shirt with a collar.

"Mid Blue Denim Short Dungarees" - Rokit - £30
Click here
These are obviously just one example of vintage, but in particular I love vintage dungarees, I think they have more "character" to them as such, and since the style of dungarees is such a classic, I think it'd be nice to really get the classic feel/look.
These in particular are from Rokit, but I'm sure there are plenty of cheaper ones on eBay/charity shops
Now onto tailored. These are all pretty similar but I am in love with the tailored style, and definitely want to pick some up soon! (L-R)

"Sage Tailored Dungaree Jumpsuit" - Daisy Street - £29.99
click here
I came recently came across Daisy Street and love it, its kind of like a Miss Guided type online store, with nice pieces for reasonably cheap!

"Boutique Stella PU Trim Bib Front Tailored Jumpsuit" - Boohoo - £30
click here
Very similar, and same price but these have a slight PU detailing  if you can't see on the pic. I think this is a nice touch and something a bit different.

"Jayda Tailored Dungarees" - Miss Guided - £33.99
click here
Again very similar, but I like that they come in the peach too. I prefer the black but the pink might be nice on hols with a tan and white top.

"ASOS Dungarees in Twill" - ASOS - £45
click here
A bit more pricey, but I like that these are a Twill weave/fabric, it gives a more casual feel.

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  1. oo I love the tailored dungarees <3
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  2. actually loving dungarees! lovely post:D x

  3. Love this trend!

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    1. Me too! Yeah sure, i'll check out your blog now!

  4. i neeeeeeed some dungarees in my life! I love the black tailored ASOS ones.
    great blog, followed. xx

  5. some great picks, loving the full length black ones

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