Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Clothing Dupes //

So after watching BeautyCrush's YT vid on MAC dupes (watch here), I thought I would do a version of my own. I found hers to be pretty helpful and I think it's a great idea and so after coming across a few clothing dupes of my own I thought I'd give it a go.

So I'm going to start with this shirt.
As you can see they look exactly the same. I've seen the shirt floating about and I love it, very on the 'monochrome' trend. I've also seen a lot about sheinside and a lot of bloggers and YTers have a natter about it. I never really bothered to look but for some reason I decided to and came across these beauties as well as lots of other bargins so check them out if you haven't!

Zara - £29.99 - click here
 (two pockets) sheinside.com - £19.68 - click here 
(one pocket) sheinside.com - £17.64 - click here

Next is the classic dungaree dress. I know there are tonnes of these floating around, but I first saw the Topshop one and loved it! I love how its slightly more fitted rather than 'floaty' like other I've seen (if you get what the hell I mean), and then saw this one from Daisy Street. I've spoke about Daisy Street before but basically it's a Miss Guided/ Boohoo type shop. 
These are very similar regarding shape, obviously the Daisy Street one has more 'going on' which makes them slightly different, but it's also around £10 cheaper!
Again, as I'm sure everyone knows the whole dungaree vibe is again on trend, whether them being shorts, trousers, skirts, tailored, denim etcetcetc

Topshop - £36 - click here
Daisy Street - £24.99 - click here

So finally, RIDING PANTS!!!! Somewhere finally has dupes!! Obviously we've seen tonnes of dupes of disco pants, and Topshop bought out the 'Joni jeans' dupes of the 'Easy Jeans' (check out my post here where I've compared them) but now I'm sooo glad there is finally Riding Pants dupes! I've been wanting some for ages and was planning on getting some soon but I'm defiantly going to at least check out Topshop's first!

As you can see, the only thing is they don't have the 'double button' type closure of AA's which I quite like about the AA ones but for half the price you can't really complain!

American Apparel - £64 - click here
Topshop - £32 - click here

Sooo that sums it up, hope this was maybe slightly in some way helpful!
I may do a few more soon if I come across such good deals! (sorry slightly cringy)

Thanks for reading


  1. How cute is this denim dress, it would actually look perfect layered over the blouse above. Also, so keen to try on the Topshop riding pants. I love my AA ones so i'd love to see how they compared! Awesome post xxx

    1. Yeah I agree!
      Thank you :)

  2. Thanks for this :) sometimes I really despise paying the high price for things


  3. bit late but thanks so much for this, been after a shirt like that for ages:)xx