Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easy Jeans Vs Joni Jeans

So as I'm sure you're aware the ever so popular American Apparel Easy Jeans finally have a competitor, Topshop's Joni Jeans. So I thought I'd do a little comparison post because why not.

So after buying AA Disco Pants I had to try the Easy Jeans, I'd heard so much about them and loved the fit, shape etc of disco pants so much. So firstly, I bought the grey pair (which I do really like but find the colour slightly harder to work with) a few months later bought the black pair (which again I love). After having a 30% off everything at AA code, I then, again a couple months later decided to order the dark blue 'Inidigo' colour. So I now have 3 pairs.

(Above: AA Easy Jeans)                                           (Above: AA Easy Jeans, Below: AA Easy Jeans)

I do like them, and think that they are flattering but I also find they do come with some 'issues':

- They only come in one leg length making them long for short people (aka me), meaning I have to roll/fold them up quite bit which I feel shortens my legs as they're bunched up at the bottom (if this makes any sense) and even shorter looking legs are a nono from me.

- My black pair seemed to have faded quite quickly

- My black pair are quite well worn, and defiantly my most worn pair out of the three but it's starting to show. The crotch is starting to thin etc. (not cool)

- Finally, they go baggy at the knees at ankles! (very not cool). For a jean that is supposedly 'super skinny' this isn't supposed to happen!

So, personally for £64, although they are nice and kind of flattering, I wouldn't say they are worth that much. Which I really should have realised before I bought other pairs but I do find they look better on skinny, tall people so if you fall into that category firstly I'm so jealous, and secondly the Easy Jeans may work better for you!

(Topshop Joni Jeans)

Anyways, onto the Joni jeans. I'd heard a lot about them from various YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers but as I don't particularly live near a Topshop I hadn't really seen what the fuss was about. Until a friend (who also has multiple pairs of Easy Jeans which we regularly discussed) (Bit weird discussing jeans - I know), bought some and told me how much nicer they were! Which intrigued me!

So today, me and this friend took a trip to London, and just happened to 'pop' into Oxford St. Topshop so I just had to try on these bloody jeans! And can I just say (call me weird) but they are soo beautiful.

I tried the leg 28, which is the perfect fit leg (no excessive rolling up), and they are so soft and so much more stretchier and more comfortable than the Easy Jeans! The stretchy-ness makes them skin tight too.

So personally, would defiantly recommend you to try these before the Easy Jeans if you're interested!

I actually didn't buy any, and the only reason for this being that I'd probably already spent too much, but will most definitely be replacing my black Easy Jeans with some as soon as I next get paid! Obviously I can't comment on if they fade and what not so I may do some kind of review once I've had them for a while but at first glance I defiantly prefer them. One thing I do give AA more credit for though is their colour range being more varied than Topshops, with AA offering 14 colours and TS offering 4.

The best part is, is that they are nearly half the price too! Especially with student discount!

'Easy Jeans' - American Apparel - £64 - click here
'Joni Jeans' - Topshop - £36 - click here (for black)

Thanks for reading, hope this was OK and not too word-heavy!


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  4. I think I will go with the Joni Jeans. I'm into 90's fashion a twistof today's fashion and they look right up that alley! Thanks for a post like this. I really wasn't sure which to buy!

  5. Hi what size did you get in the easy jeans, and what size are you normally
    thanks x