Monday, 18 June 2012

Week in pictures - 1

(From left to right) Top row - middle row - bottom row 
Monday's OOTD (feat. disco pants - the loves of my life) // Monday's Lunch (cous cous, ham and mango for pud - being exotic ;)) // RIDING PANTS (in the colour Village Green - NEED THESE) // Cheeky UO delivery (may feature what I got in a haul or s/t soon) // Got Glamour again, for the That Gal primer, (I'm not the only one that got the same magazine for the different freebies, am i?) and my new favourite magazine, Company. // My horoscope in Look magazine being relatable for once (I'm magazine crazy at the mo) // 
White chocolate Magnum (who doesn't love them?) // 200 page views on my blog! yay //

So, I thought I'd "jump on the bandwagon" of doing weekly posts on my pictures from Instagram. I love Instagram right now, definitely my current favourite social network site. I guess I just like to be nosey!

I was actually planning on putting this up yesterday but I just didn't really have the time etc, but hopefully these will be uploaded weekly on Sundays from now on!

Also, I know there are only 8 this week, my life clearly hasn't been very thrilling. I'm just going to post however many I have took for that week, so some will have more, some less etc.

Hope this is enjoyable and the layout etc. is okay!


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