Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Haul - Topshop, Rokit, Boots & More

Ok is this a bit weird doing a haul in a blogpost?
I don't know, I love watching hauls on the tube of you but as I don't have a channel I thought why not blog it?
So I thought I'd just go for it. I went to London the other day (monday) with a pal, I didn't get too much but got a few bits which I thought I'd share.
~ I also apologise AGAIN for lack of posts, I don't even really have a valid excuse this time ~

So yeah!
So we went to Carnaby Street first, and had a snoop round Monki (if this was a video i'd definatly come out with the classis "is it mon-kee or mun-kee?" - I personally think 'mon-kee' but hey ho) and I only picked up one thing..

This dip-dye, very slouchy vest thing. I actually saw this on Zoella's YT channel, and liked it then when I saw it was in the sale, for £3!!!! I had to pick it up!

We then went to the huge Topshop, and here is what I got..

White peplum top - £18
I've wanted to try a peplum top as I've been loving the trend, so I picked this one up. It has a zip on the back which I like as it gives it a bit of detail. They had this in a couple of colours but I thought I'd pick up the white to go with errrthang! 

Denim looking skirt - £20
I've been eyeing this up for a while so had to get it. Such a bargain. I think it'll go with so much too, so I'll hopefully include it in an OOTD soon!

Cross collar tips - £8.50
Saw these and thought they were so funky! I have and wear a lot of shirts, so this will definiatly liven them up, or replace a necklace. I just think they're a bit different and cool! (well for now, watch Primark get these sort of things in soon and everyone will be wearing them) (not that I mind)

I also picked up this highlighter, but me being me forgot about it even though I took the pictures the day after.
Although I think it's a little pricey for a high street brand, it is so pigmented! I haven't used it yet but when swatching it it seemed great!

Then we went to Boots, and I picked up a few things...

 Models Own - Utopia - £5 (2 for £8)
(it's probably a good idea the bottom photo is out of focus)
Love this colour, it's like a lilacy/grey-y

Models Own - Nude Beige - £5 (2 for £8)
Been looking for a colour like this for a while!

Revlon Kissable Balm - no.40 - £5.99 introductory price 
Been wanting to try one of these now they're out in England. This is like a corally/orange!
Haven't yet tried it out though

Soap & Glory Hand Maid - (forgot the price sorry! no more than £3)
Smells divine for a hand sanitizer!

Then onto Superdrug..

Sleek brow kit - light - £8.50
Been meaning to pick up a 'brow' kit as at the moment I just fill them in with an eyeshadow!
Can't wait to try this out!

And finally, Rokit
So we spent the majority of the day in Oxford Street and around that area, but on the way back to Kings Cross we really quickly stopped off in Camden. I've been meaning to get an oversized denim jacket as the one I have now it's kind of cropped and stuff, and just isn't really my style. I was looking for a Levi one, but I'm really not that bothered about the brand to be honest and Rokit didn't seem to have Levi ones for some reason, or if they did they were somewhere else, so I found this one.. 

It was £30 which I thought was pretty good! It's really oversized too!

So yeah, that is everything! 
Hope this post wasn't too boring, and I apologise for the pictures, they were taken at night in my room with the flash so are a bit washed out with the door behind and what not. I also agree it probably wasn't the best idea to take a picture of a white top on a white door but it's just the easy way of showing it!
I will try put the clothes in OOTD's on here so you can see what they look like on, I probably should have done that for this post but oh well!

thanks for reading 


  1. I really like the denim skirt from Topshop, i'm thinking of buying it soon! xo

    1. you defiantly should! I love it, goes with so much and is only £20!
      thanks for the comment