Thursday, 2 August 2012

Just a little natter..

So, again I'm starting this with the dreaded; sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I'm annoyed that I haven't and again there is no real excuse.
I've got a few posts in my drafts which I hope to finish and put up soon, but for now this is just a quick update of upcoming plans, what i'm going to be doing etc.

So firstly, I'd like to tell you about my plans for next week (the 6th - 10th August). I'm actually going to London College of Fashion for the week for a summer course. I'm so excited. The course I'm doing is called "An introduction the the fashion industry", so it covers all different aspects of the industry including styling, journalism, merchandising, marketing etc. I thought this would really help me decide which path within the industry I want to go down and help me plan my uni course and whatever!
I will do a blogpost sometime next weekend all about it, how it went, what I learnt and what I did etc.

I have also just ordered a few fashion books to, which I also will blog about. (that isn't very exciting news is it)

I'm also going to come up with a schedule for this blog to help me try and organise myself and blog more. For example, every 1st of the month I'll do a wishlist, every sunday i'll do 'week in pictures' then I might do a weekly post about clothing i've been liking/loving, or something along those lines.
Hopefully if I give myself a plan I'll stick to it and blog more!

And lastly, I have some news which I'll tell you more about when it's launched.
I'll leave you with that for now.

Thanks for reading (if anyones got this far) I know this is pretty boring. Sorry.



  1. This course sounds really cool, I'd love to hear about what you got up to on it! I wish I had the opportunity to do sometime similar before I started Uni. I bet it was really informative and helpful!

    1. Hey, sorry i've only just seen this comment but I've just put up a post about it:
      Sorry it's not too detailed but it gives the basic idea :) thanks for the comment xx