Tuesday, 11 September 2012

London College of Fashion summer course..

Yes, so it's me and i'm actually blogging.
I'm just going to cut out the babble of why I haven't blogged and what not and just get straight to it.

SO, as I previously mentioned, I recently attended a summer course at London College of Fashion. It was from the 6th - 10th August, and was in their Lime Grove campus/site/building/whatever you want to call it. This was actually 5 minutes away from Westfield, which not only meant a variety of choice for lunch, it also helped with some of the work and activities we were doing. (plus a little batter to my bank balance during the week)

I'm not going to go too into it as it would make the post pretty long and what not, so I'm just going to mention a few things we covered etc. The course I took was 'An Introduction to the Fashion Industry', so it wasn't specific to a certain area within the industry. There were/ is options for these sorts of courses in certain areas like styling/ fashion drawing but as i'm not exactly sure what part of the industry I want to branch into, I thought this would give me more of a variety and more of an insight into what I would enjoy as i'm currently in the process of deciding uni courses.

So (yes after all that babble which i inteded on not doing, i'm finally actually going to tell you what we did), we did a lot of work on the business side of things, for example creating a range of clothing for a certain store (not the actual designing) and looked at prices and how we'd make a profit, how much we'd sell them for, the percentage of items within in the range (for ex. 5 tops in a range of 20 items would make up 25% of the range), how many of each item we'd make, sizes etcetc.
We also did market research at the shops in Westfield..
We looked at Westfield as a shopping centre, the range of shops there, and what's missing, which led us to come up with us creating a store which would fit into Westfield.

This is the basic info, without giving away too much. Obviously we covered a lot more and was in more detail. Overall, i enjoyed the week, I personally found it pretty helpful with gaining information about the industry and different job roles in it.

I received a certificate of attendance, which I think will benefit me in the future with it being such a recognised college/ uni.

The following is the link to the other short courses (for 16-18 yr olds):

Aaaand this is the one i did..

I know this was slightly long and hope it wasn't too boring but I hope maybe it may help some people to decided to participate in something like this or what not so yeah!

Thanks for reading!
Any questions about it i'm happy to answer :)

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  1. Hey Zoe, just came across your post and thankfully I did. I'm taking exactly the same course this summer and I'm a bit anxious about it, but super excited at the same time. I would love if you could tell me all the detail you said you don't want to bother us with :b Do you think you can email me (luisa.melo.tormenta@hotmail.com) or answer in my blog so we could chat a bit about this.

    Thank you so much!!