Wednesday, 12 September 2012

AW12/13 High Street Collections: Zara

So I've had this post in my drafts (well half of it) for about 6 weeks now, and I keep meaning to finish it and put up and I finally have.

When I originally started the post the AW1213 collections had just started going public online and what not and now obviously AW clothes are in shops and everywhere, so there's a lot more to chose from now.

Originally I was going to include them all in one post, but as the post went on I decided it was far too long, so I'm going to be doing different posts for a range of shops starting with (funnily enough) Zara!

1. "Sweater with aysemtric hem"
I love how simple and slouchy this is, I think it hits a nice place in terms of length (on the model that is, so would probably come down to my ankle on me), but yeah, obviously a versatile piece.
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2. "Trousers with crepe cuffed hem"
I've recenly bought the H&M riding pants, which look similar to these with the zip but are more of a legging, but I love these. Love how they're a mix of casual vs smart with the 'jogger' look to them, but paired with heels on the model for the smarter look.
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3. "Denim Jeggings"
Are these not exactly the same as the Topshop ones? for half the price. lovely.
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4. "Cape with stud detailing"
Oh my god I love this! Saw it online and I just love it so went on the search for it in store. Tried it on. Didn't buy it. Biggest regret. All I can say is I can't wait until pay day. 
Although more of a thinner/ summery jacket, I think it's great for Autum where it's not cold enough to wear a big thick coat but not warm enough to go out in no sleeves. I love it.
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So that's a few of my fave Zara pieces at the mo!
I'm hoping to get up my Topshop version very soon :-)

Thanks for reading