Thursday, 27 September 2012

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Hello lovelies!

I was just lurking about the internet and fancied doing a tag. I love watching tag videos on YouTube so thought, why not include a tag into a blogpost? So I came across this one. It's pretty self explanatory from the title but thought it looked interesting, and I've never seen it really before among the blogerrsphere (that is definitely not a word). Obviously I haven't been tagged in it by anyone but thought I shall do it anyway, hope that's okay! so here we go....

P.S just before I start I am probably one of the world's most indecisive people so don't expect easy short one word answers, sorry about that!

What's your favourite fashion accessory?
Hmmm, so I'm already stuck on the first question! I'm really not too sure as I think different accessories work well for different outfits. I'd say especially now were getting to Winter, scarves are a wardrobe must have. They're just great to give an outfit a bit of jazz, for example today; my outfit started as a plain cream shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket and boots and with a scarf it just gives it that pop of colour!

Who's your fashion role model?
Okay, one of them has to be Coco Chanel, simply because she changed fashion. She did something which hadn't done before, which makes her so unique. This may seem a but cliché but she makes me feel like I can wear what I want, and what I like and to not just wear stuff to blend in with the crowd. 
What do you always carry with you?
my phone, hand sanitizer and diary! - whether it's sixth form, shopping, on a walk or anywhere these 3 are my must haves! 
How would you describe your style?
Okay I have no idea where to even start with this! I don't think I could. I can go from one day wearing a blouse and jeans to the next wearing dungaree's. I really wouldn't say my style is in a certain category. I mean there's things I certainly wouldn't wear, and I try to keep styles within an outfit but I really couldn't fit it into one certain style.
What's your favourite?  Jeans, sunglasses or heels?
I'd have to say jeans. My black Topshop leigh jeans are one of my most warn wardrobe items!
What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I think it was just simply reading others blogs. What I love about fashion is that everyone has a different opinion on it, and I just love to read others takes on it, and love to share mine.

What is your favourite fashion store?
Bet you can't guess what's coming?
Topshop! I'm sure many people will agree with me on it being one of their all time faves!
What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Wow, um my current is probably wool now it's coming into winter. I love big winter jumpers. Another is probably silk as it's just so elegant.
Who are your favourite designers?
Coco Chanel because she is just amazing, Alexander McQueen because I love what he did. (and what the company still does), Henry Holland because he just seems so cool, Vivienne Westwood because she's crazy and I love that.
Who or what inspires your style?
Very cliche again, but everyone and everything. I may see a garment on someone walking down the street and it catches my eye and I'll be thinking about how I would style it or what I would pair it with. Whether it's someone my age, an old lady, a grandad! 
Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
If I could make clothes well enough I'd defiantly prefer to. It's more unique, and I'd feel a sense of pride when wearing it.

So that concludes it guys! Hope this wasn't too boring for anyone!
I tag everyone and if anyone does do this after reading it on my behalf I would love to read it so leave a comment if you wish to!
Thanks for reading

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