Monday, 1 October 2012

October wishlist: Fashion

I'm trying to stick to a "plan" with my blog, so I'm more organised and getting regular posts up, one idea I had was to do a wishlist for every month.
So starting with (funnily enough) October, here it is..

(I'd just like to point out there is no way I will end up buying all of this stuff, I'm just wishful thinking, if I do end up getting any, I may do an OOTD and mention it or whatever)

I've mentioned this before in my Zara AW picks post. Unfortunately I still don't own it. Maybe one day. I love it.

I've been lusting (is that the right word?) over Easy Jeans for months and months now, I love them. I love my Disco Pants and the shape and fit, so think these would be a great casual alternative. I love this colour (medium stone-washed indigo), but also love the dark denim too but they don't seem to be on the website anymore. I just think they're fab.

I was browsing F21 website which I can't say I do regularly  but I came across these and think they'll be a reasonable alternative for the Easy Jeans. They're nowhere near as high waisted but for the price, I think they're great. Maybe I'll try these out before I splurge.

Whilst browsing F21 I also saw this. I'm in need of just a plain sheer white shirt, and again this is such a good price. 

Again on the same F21 browse I came across this jumper. Now it's getting to winter I've been having a look for some jumpers, and I saw this. I love this colour, defiantly fits in with the current 'military' trend. Again, a decent price too.

Love this colour too! Perfect for AW.

Again, I don't seem to shop in River Island as much any more but whilst browsing their site I found a fair few coats/ jackets I like. This being one of them. Such Autumn inspired colours, so perfect for this time of year. It's certainly not a colour I would normally go for but I'm trying to steer away from wearing black all the time.  

So that's my fashion wishlist, I think I'm going to do a beauty edition too one day this week especially since Marilyn Monroe collection for Mac has just been released.

Thanks for reading

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