Monday, 16 December 2013


I'm not even going to justify my blogging absence - I've just been pure lazy and neglectful (sorry blog). BUT, recently, I have really wanted to take blogging a lot more seriously and get my blogging head back on track. So I'm here, today, with my christmas wish list.

These are just a few ideas I've given my family of what would go down a treat with me for christmas. As well as a few ideas for anyone else who's wondering what to ask - even though I'm sure everyone is a lot more organised than me and has gifts already bought, wrapped and under the tree.

Here goes..

1. Vogue subscription - £19.99
Spending £4 every month doesn't exactly break my bank (although being a student it could do me a fair few meals but fashion over food, right?) but I would love to have the next few months sorted Vogue-wise. I also think it's a pretty good gift as it's a gift which keeps on giving. 

2. Elle suscription - £9.99
Likewise to Vogue - one of my monthly bibles being delivered every month is never a bad thing.

Do I even need to explain? This needs to enter my life pronto

The Real Techniques face set is literally gods gift and are pretty much the only brushes I use. Being reasonably inexperienced to the whole eye-shadow life, I think these would go down a treat with my eyes.

5. Nutella recipe book - £3.65
I am a student with a cupboard full of Nutella. I think this little number would make my life right now.

The world according to the ever so opinionated King of fashion? Can't be bad

I should be a lot more ashamed than I am with the fact this is on here, but it is. I didn't get to see it when it was at the cinema and again I should be ashamed to admit that I was slightly upset at this. I just need a little bit of Harry Styles in my life. (who doesn't?)

Thanks for reading, let me know whats on your wish list!


  1. that book it everything

  2. Ooh the Naked 3 is on my wishlist too! And I've seen that nutella book floating around the internet- all the recipes sound so yummy
    Daniella x

  3. I really wanna get my hands on the Naked 3 palette! The real technique brushes have also had such great reviews, need to get some of those too haha.

  4. great wishlist!

    x Maria
    Have a look at my newest Outfitpost
    featuring my new retro dress

  5. Amazing post!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo